Fall is approaching fast! The weather will be cooling down and everything outside is starting to shine a little brighter, but can you say the same for your commercial property? Consistent property maintenance should be a focus point of all commercial spaces.

Fall is the perfect opportunity for property owners and managers to refresh and restore your commercial spaces and complete projects that you just can’t do during the winter months. Why not hire a professional property maintenance company to handle any and all projects? A safe and tidy workspace will create more efficiencies, sustain your business’s professional appearance, and enhance your employees’ &/or tenants’ morale. Here are a few projects to consider addressing during the warm weather months:


Washing your windows can be one of those tasks property managers or business owners put a hold on during the winter. When the sun finally comes out, the remnants of winter distract from blue sky viewing. Cleaning your windows will enhance your work space and brighten moods, as well! By hiring a professional property maintenance company you can be rest assured that the job will get done with the proper equipment.


Harsh winter seasons leave behind leaf, litter and debris build up in your parking lot. If you haven’t maintained a winter parking lot sweeping program, the leftover winter mess will begin to dry up and not only be a aesthetic issue but a major caked on mud issue and dust  problem. Before the summer heat hits hire a commercial sweeping service to clean and collect debris from your parking lot. Also, make sure your parking lot sweeping and property maintenance service uses regenerative sweepers to minimize the amount of dust released into the air while parking lot cleaning.


If it’s been a while since you’ve really given your space a good dusting and your space has been closed to winter elements for far too long, most likely a good amount of dust has collected in hard-to-reach or out-of-sight spaces. If this is the case, make sure to add this to the spring cleaning list and hire a professional janitorial service to guarantee they take care of those hard-to-reach places and clear out those cobwebs.

Does this all sound like too much for you to handle alone? At Crestview Property Maintenance, Inc. we have been providing these property maintenance services and more for more than 10 years, in the Twin Cities metro Area. Call the experts…Crestview Property Maintenance

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6 Property Upkeeping Tips

Written by Crestview Property Maintenance  on June 18, 2018

Worried that it may cost too much to get your house ready to sell? Don’t think you have the time or resources to perform the chores needed to get top dollar for your home? These tasks may not be as difficult to handle or as expensive as you may think. With a little elbow grease and a few trips to your local hardware store, you can quickly and affordably increase your home’s curb appeal. Knocking out a few of the items below can ensure that your property is looking its best when it comes time to sell.

Paint the front door—Painting the front door will instantly draw attention to your home and make the front of your house look neat and well kept. Performing the task carefully will take between 1-2 hours but will pay off when it comes to grabbing potential homeowners’ attention.

Average Cost-$30 for a gallon of high gloss paint

Pressure wash the house—Pressure washing the house can clean off mold, grime, and dust that has been accumulating on your home. Cleaning the exterior may take a few hours but will leave your home looking nice and clean to any future homeowners.


Hire a pro to mow the lawn—While it’s on the market, hiring a professional to mow your lawn can certainly improve the look of the property. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for lawn mowing in Ocoee, Florida, or need grass cutting in Sugar Land, Texas, finding a lawn pro takes seconds on an website like GreenPal’s and those pros will provide clean edges, straight lines, and won’t leave excess grass on any hard surfaces.

Average Cost-$45 per half acre

Trim the hedges—Trimming the hedges can leave your property looking symmetrical and tidy. If you don’t have a hedge trimmer, these are fairly inexpensive to purchase. This task can only take a few hours to perform and will certainly clean up any home’s appearance.

Average Cost-$80

Light up the landscaping/walkway—Adding a little lighting around the front steps or up a walkway can make any property look more desirable. Solar LED path lights take minutes to install and can help accentuate any plants, flowers, landscape design, or interesting hardscapes like fountains or bird baths.

Average Cost-$40 per light

Upgrade the mailbox—Upgrading or replacing your mailbox will certainly make your house stand out more. Whether it’s just a fresh new coat of paint (matching the color of the door) or replacing the entire mailbox, both chores require only a few hours of work.

Average Cost-Starting at $20 for a basic mailbox

Install new house numbers—Installing new house numbers can also help spruce up your abode. New numbers are very easy to install and should only take less than an hour to accomplish.

Average Cost-$2 per number or $30-$50 for a custom plaque

Hide A/C Unit—Hiding your A/C unit can easily be done by planting shrubs or bushes around it. A few Wintergreen Boxwoods as a shield can easily hide that big aluminum box. Planting these bushes shouldn’t take longer than a few hours of work.

Average Cost-$14 per bush

Mulch around trees—Mulching around trees is both beneficial for your curb appeal and for the health of your trees; it insulates the soil around them and helps retain water for needed growth. Depending on the number of tress on your property, this compost is very cost effective and can be easily spread around trees in less than a day.

Average Cost-$40 per cubic foot bag

Camouflage the electric call boxes—Painting your electrical boxes on the side of your home can camouflage those eye sores. Simply using the same color that your house is painted will make these items seem almost non-existent. Very little paint would need to be used to make those disappear and take less than an hour to cover up.

Average Cost-$60 per quart

By tackling a few of these easy-to-do duties, you can instantly refresh or improve the exterior look of your home. With a little sweat equity, a few materials, and a Saturday afternoon, you can get your home looking great for any potential buyers.

So vanilla: why “white box” is ideal for commercial real estate sales

Anyone who has sold a home knows that depersonalization is very important to the success of showings and how quickly a property can go from listed to under contract. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the space, which means neutral color palettes and the removal of very personal items like family photos can go a long way in making a buyer feel “at home”.

white box is ready for tenant improvement, usually including installed utilities, HVAC, adequate access, included elements per code, a finished ceiling, walls that are prepped for painting, and bare floors that are ready for flooring of the tenants’ choosing. This definition of white box construction can vary slightly depending on the parties involved, so it is always important to have a detailed definition agreed upon, in writing, by all parties. In addition, all components of the space must be up to code and ready for an interior build out.Commercial real estate is no different. “White box”, also referred to as “vanilla box” or “vanilla shell”, is a commercial real estate term that refers to the construction finish condition of a space to be leased for business use.

White box construction is for commercial owners who need to quickly attach a new tenant to their property. Crestview Property Maintenance a full-service commercial construction company, can take a finished space and restore it to a “white box” minimally furnished interior for the next occupant to envision their office, suite, or storefront. The team at Crestview Property Maintenance understands that turning commercial spaces around quickly is important, so we work efficiently without compromising on quality.

Do you have a question about your next commercial construction, build-out, or white box project? Visit the Crestview Property Maintenance  page for more information.

Take a gander up at your ceiling tiles- how do they look? See any of them sagging, discolored, broken, or water-marked? We know that all too well. Don’t feel ashamed- this is very common in facilities with ventilation above the drop ceiling, and with everything you have going on, we understand that it hasn’t been your top priority.

We know that Ceiling Tile imperfections are frequently caused by air conditioner condensation or leaks in the pipes or roof. Unfortunately, if you don’t catch this early, mold can form and become a health hazard to everyone in the office. Lucky for you, replacing these damaged tiles doesn’t take long and can make a big difference in the look and overall feel of your office.

At Crestview Property Maintenance, we believe everything about your business- including your ceiling tiles, should look professional, clean, and ready for a great first impression. We know sometimes you just need a hand in completing these one-off tasks, and having a handyman on call is an invaluable time saver for your business. Don’t waste your time screening multiple service providers. Call Crestview Property Maintenance today to get more information about our various Handyman Services and make sure your ceiling tiles look brand new.


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