Renters Left Their Junk!


Landlords always wonder what to do when their tenant leaves behind junk. There are a few things you need to do before getting rid of the stuff they left behind.

First, make sure the tenant actually abandoned the property before assuming so. If the renter left the keys behind then it is pretty clear that they will not return. The next step to take would be sending a certified letter in the mail to the address that was rented out in the tenants name. Include in the letter that they have 24 hours to pick up their belongings or else it will be trashed. This is proof that you tried to reach out to them incase they try to take you to court.

After the 24 hours has passed, change all the locks in the house. Even though they might have left the keys there, you never know if they made copies of them. Next you should take pictures of all the items that were left behind so you can document everything.

All the junk that was left there belongs to you now. It is your choice if you want to keep items or throw them away. Most of the time tenants will call companies like ours to come remove everything so they can get the property back on the market. We do our best to come out as soon as we can to get the job done.

When we get to the house we will determine what can be donated and what will not. We load the truck up by putting all the items that can be donated towards the front of the truck so it is easy to get them out when bringing them to the donation center. We always provide our customers with an electronic receipt so they can have proof of the haul away.

So next time you find yourself in a pickle because your tenant left you a mess to deal with, remember we will always be there to help. It also may be smart to talk to an attorney before trashing any of their belongings just to make sure you are going by your city’s law.

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