snow removal and plowing in blaine mn

Well, guys, it happened.

SNOW. snow removal and plowing in blaine mn

Our (long) Fall has come to an end. The leaves have fallen, the temperatures have dropped and the snow has come (even though it didn’t stay). Winter is officially here to stay. Don’t spend all Winter “breaking your back” shoveling your snow or trying to get your little snow blower up your driveway. Call Crestview Property Maintenance  and we’ll do all the hard work at a GREAT price!

What Goes Into Being a Great Snow Removal and Plowing Company?

  1. Excellent Communication.
    • One of the top priorities we have here at Crestview Property Maintenance  is the communication between us and our customers. Whether it be a phone call or an email it is key for ANY business to keep their customers informed and updated. Most contractors say that the worst mistake snow removal companies make isn’t forgetting to plow a property, but forgetting to CONTACT the property’s owner when you have realized your mistake.
    • Customers love when they are informed of ANYTHING relating to their business.
    •  Simple email alerts could include any of the following:
      • Time of arrival
      • Time you left the property
      • Amount of snow that was present
      • If you used any other products (de-icer, salt, etc.) mention the amount that was used
  2. Efficiency
    • The machines and products a snow removal and plowing company uses can make or break it. When it snows, there are many snow removal and plowing in blaine mnclients that rely on you to clear the parking lots before their doors open. Efficiency benefits both the customer and the company. The customer gets what they paid for in less time and, at times if the job takes less time it can mean more profit for the business.
      • Snow plows help move the snow in larger areas quicker than just a simple shovel
      • Dump trucks are also used at times when huge snow piles are covering too many parking spaces
      • Snow Shovels, even though they are bit “old-fashion” they can sometimes be the best tool for the job
  3. Being Precise
    • A huge part of the snow removal and plowing industry is the attention to detail you need to have. It’s whats going to satisfy the customers. Everything needs to be thought out before you start plowing:
      • Where is the most logical spot to push the snow?
      • How can we minimize disruption / keep driving lanes clear?
      • How can we ensure that we don’t damage property?
      • What are some ways we can prevent the buildup of ice?

Believe it or not, it’s almost that time of year again.


Technically Winter doesn’t start for another 90 days, but we all know Winter comes before December 21st, and with Winter comsnow plowing blaine mnes SNOW. It seems that for the past couple of years, we’ve been lucky in the snow department, but we have a feeling that this Winter is going to give us plenty of snow. Even a few weather stations are predicting an above-average Winter in terms of precipitation and below-average in terms of temperature. For you, this could mean countless, back-breaking hours spent shoveling your driveway. OR it could mean watching the beautiful snow fall in front of the fireplace and drinking hot coca with your family while we plow your property.

Which One Would You Prefer?

Quick Clean Out offerssnow plowing blaine mn snow plowing services in Blaine, MN and surrounding areas, so that you don’t have to “break your back” shoveling your driveway! We would rather have you stay inside your warm house hanging out with your family. We have snow plows for small jobs and then some for the blizzards that happen a few times a season. We offer contracts that are formatted for your specific needs; whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. Check out our Snow Services page for more details!

Sit Back and Relax.

Now that you have decided we are the best fit for your property, enjoy the beautiful season of Winter. Go iceskating, drink hot cocoa and DON’T shovel your property! What sort of things do you like to do in the Winter? Comment below!

snow plowing blaine mn


anoka classic car show

Well, it’s not actually called “The Neighborhood Car Show”, but it is called “The Anoka Classic Car Show Grand Finale”. To me, this is basically going to be a neighborhood car show since the show is returning to Downtown Anoka! In the past, the finale has been held at the State Fair. Now I don’t have to drive the 20, instead, it will more like a 5-mile drive. Plus I always hated having to deal with the State Fair crowds; I would much rather deal with the Car Show crowds.

There is just so much to do at the Anoka Classic Car Show and even more so now that I know it’s in Anoka. The show has always had great food and music. The city of Anoka and it’s amazing restaurants are sure going to be able to provide even more food options to the Grand Finale this year! While I’m down in Anoka, I think I may even pay a visit to my two favorite web designers; Crestview .anoka classic car show They are the ones that told me that the show was being held in Anoka this year!

And let’s not forget about the main reason for a car show; THE CARS. I’m talking about the Mustangs, the Chevrolet’s, the Lamborghini’s and my favorite, the Lincoln’s. I love walking around with my buddies and admiring the beautiful cars. Knowing that some people have given so much time and energy to these classics just amazes me.

I know that I will be there on Saturday, September 17th; will you?

graffiti removal

Graffiti removal can be a challenge if you are a company other than Crestview Property maintenance . Our staff have some of the best knowledge when dealing with graffiti removal. Many of our clients recently wanted to know some tips for removing graffiti from different surfaces. Every surface is different so we are going to give you a general idea with the help from our friends at Clean Link.

Before Starting:

  • Always make sure that it is YOUR responsibility to get the job cleaned up! Sometimes it is the responsibility of the state or even the facility’s maintenance department.
  • Determine whether the graffiti is on the inside or the outside because there is a difference between the two.

Indoor Graffiti Removal:

Common causes of indoor graffiti include; ballpoint, felt-tip pens, pencils, knife blades and sometimes even white correction fluid is used

Some suggestions for products to clean different types of surfaces include:

  • Ordinary cleaners and disinfectants will remove much pencil and some pen graffiti
  • Citrus-based cleaners often will work on inks on wood surfaces
  • Some foam and some paste cleaners, which remain in place until wiped off, work well on vertical surface

Outdoor Graffiti Removal:

Common causes of outdoor graffiti include; spray paint,medium, chalk and etching 

Some suggestions for products to clean different types of surfaces include:

  • For exterior glass surfaces, try a graffiti-removing gel (something that will not scratch glass)
  • Baking-soda-based products can help restore large areas of masonry, brick,
    graffiti removal

    Power washing is a great technnique for graffiti removal.

    concrete and other surfaces

  • When removing spray paint, regardless of method, work from the outside to the center, rather than across the stain (so that it doesn’t spread to clean
  • areas)


For both indoor and outdoor vandalized areas painting should be used as a last resort. Read about why Here.

If this seems like too much to handle give Crestview property maintenance a call at 612-207-0274 or visit our Graffiti Removal page today!

Don’t Let Graffiti Make Your Business Look Bad




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Day Porter Services Can Prepare Your Parking Lot For Fall And Winter

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All kidding aside, these two are the reason that Crestview Property Maintenance means so much to me. It is amazing to help our clients with chores they can’t or don’t want to complete. But it is also a great feeling to be a part of our local economy. I hope that one or both of the boys might want to follow in dead dad’s footsteps. But in the case that they find their own professional avenues, I know our property maintenance services contributed greatly to our livelihood. Quick Clean Out allows me to be an active dad, supports their futures, and their local communities.

Supporting local and small business is so important for the progress of any economy, so from our small business to you, our sincerest THANKS!  property maintenance and facility maintenance is our service, but making our client’s happy is our passion!


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My name is Jayson Dahl, proud dad of two adorable twins, and proud owner of Crestview Property Maintenance Minnesota.

I wasn’t too sure that a blog on a junk removal or property maintenance website would really benefit anyone. I didn’t have any clue what I would write about, or if anyone would ever care to read it. But as I experience the interesting things I do, I think you will enjoy some of the crazy tales!

 This is an older picture from when my boys were first born and changed my entire life. My amazing wife and I couldn’t be prouder parents. We are dedicated to helping build a promising future for our boys.

That’s why my company is so important to me. I enjoy what I do. I get to give new life to old areas, one way or another. I get to life huge burdens from people’s shoulders when they aren’t sure how they will accomplish such large tasks. I get to restore beauty to the outdoor environments that we all live in.

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