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What is the difference between a Blizzard and a Winter Storm?

We know the last couple blogs that we have posted revolve around snow removal and what not; but this time we decided to look into the science behind what causes us to need to provide snow removal services. The two big contenders are Blizzards and Winter Storms, but what’s the difference between them?

snow removal blaine mnBlizzard

Definition: According to the National Weather Service, a blizzard is “a storm which contains large amounts of snow or blowing snow, with winds in excess of 35 mph and visibilities of less than 1/4 mile for an extended period of time (at least 3 hours)”. Temperatures during a blizzard often times go into the negative digits as well.

Origin: The term “blizzard” originally referred to “a cannon shot or a volley of musket fire”, but in the 1870’s several newspapers began to use the term to describe a snowstorm.

Dangers: Often times blizzards cause what we call “whiteout conditions” which can make it extremely difficult or impossible to drive in. The wind chill that comes along with a blizzard can sometimes cause the most problems. Combining the cold temperatures and the strong winds that come with any blizzard; extremely low wind chills are a common occurrence, but still very dangerous.

Winter Storm

Definition: A winter storm may consist of freezing rain, sleet, heavy snowfall, cold temperatures, and windy conditions that can last up to severalsnow removal blaine mn days. Sleet is raindrops that freeze before hitting the ground. Freezing rain occurs when rain falls onto a service when the temperatures are below freezing, therefore freezing the surfaces.

Origin: For centuries the term has been used when describing violent weather that occurs in Winter months.

Dangers: Freezing rain and sleet can lead to slippery conditions that aren’t safe for drivers or even those just walking to their car. The aftermath of a winter storm can leave an impact for weeks or even months after its’ occurrence.


Either way, both a Blizzard and a Winter Storm can be dangerous for everyone in its’ path. Here at Quick Clean Out in Blaine, MN, we are dedicated to providing superb quality to our clients in order for them to be safe for whatever weather conditions occur this Winter. Give us a call to set up your snow removal Blaine, MN services TODAY!