So vanilla: why “white box” is ideal for commercial real estate sales

Anyone who has sold a home knows that depersonalization is very important to the success of showings and how quickly a property can go from listed to under contract. Potential buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in the space, which means neutral color palettes and the removal of very personal items like family photos can go a long way in making a buyer feel “at home”.

white box is ready for tenant improvement, usually including installed utilities, HVAC, adequate access, included elements per code, a finished ceiling, walls that are prepped for painting, and bare floors that are ready for flooring of the tenants’ choosing. This definition of white box construction can vary slightly depending on the parties involved, so it is always important to have a detailed definition agreed upon, in writing, by all parties. In addition, all components of the space must be up to code and ready for an interior build out.Commercial real estate is no different. “White box”, also referred to as “vanilla box” or “vanilla shell”, is a commercial real estate term that refers to the construction finish condition of a space to be leased for business use.

White box construction is for commercial owners who need to quickly attach a new tenant to their property. Crestview Property Maintenance a full-service commercial construction company, can take a finished space and restore it to a “white box” minimally furnished interior for the next occupant to envision their office, suite, or storefront. The team at Crestview Property Maintenance understands that turning commercial spaces around quickly is important, so we work efficiently without compromising on quality.

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