Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Getting your lawn ready for Spring,  is just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your lawn care for the upcoming season.

The heavy snowfalls we’ve experienced this winter have left a lot of piled up snow on the lawns. Snow mould can occur. An indication of snow mould is a web like substance on the surface of the lawn once the snow has melted. A light hand raking in these areas is recommended to reduce the risk of the lawn dying out in these areas. As the snow melts it’s important to make sure a layer of ice is not accumulating in areas as this can cause the lawn to die underneath.

It is important in the spring to remove the excess dead grass from the lawn. We recommend Power Raking which is able to remove more of the dead grass than hand raking. Aeration is also very beneficial in the spring and can be done at the same time as power raking. Aeration reduces soil compaction and helps control thatch in the lawn while helping water & fertilizer penetrate into the root zone.

Fertilizer applied in the spring will give your lawn a head start to a thicker, greener lawn.

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ready for summer lawns.

Summer lawns

Don’t Let Graffiti Make Your Business Look Bad
Posted on APRIL 8TH 2018

by jayson

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Vandals have been tagging buildings with graffiti for years. It doesn’t matter if it is a bridge, a commercial building or a residence, graffiti seems to pop up everywhere you look.

When your business’s building gets tagged with graffiti, it’s a big deal. You don’t want this vandalism to stay on your building, detracting from the appearance of your business. That’s why we help property owners with professional graffiti removal services.

Why Get Graffiti Removed?
One big reason to have graffiti removed is for potential clients who are coming in to do business with your company. When a client comes in, a graffiti tag on the wall of your building is an unwelcoming sight. The vandalism might give current and potential clients the wrong impression which could lead to you losing future business.

Graffiti could also make you look bad to the community. Local residents might see the graffiti, get the impression that if you don’t take pride in your building, and then not recommend any of the business you conduct either.

That’s why you should hire Crestview Property Maintenance Removal Specialists to remove the vandalism and restore your property’s good looks. It doesn’t matter if it is on metal, asphalt, plastic or concrete, we will make sure all the graffiti is gone and leave no trace of it behind for anyone else to see.

Crestview Property Maintenance offers affordable solutions for removing any form of tagging and vandalism from your business. Using environmentally friendly chemicals, we will remove all of the markings from your building to make it look like new again. For more information on our services, please feel free to contact us today!