What is a Day Porter and What Services Do They Provide?

What is a Day Porter and What Services Do They Provide?

Does your business require round-the-clock upkeep to maintain a clean, professional appearance? Do you often feel yourself running behind schedule, running out of time to prepare for that last-minute lunch meeting in the office break room? You may want to consider employing a day porter service.

A day porter is someone who performs small duties throughout your normal business hours to keep your office clean. These duties can include keeping the lobby clean, preparing common areas for high-traffic times of day and performing touchpoint cleaning on busy surfaces, such as doorknobs or elevator buttons. They are an extra set of hands to have around the office when the day is escaping from you and you don’t have time to prepare for what’s next.  A day porter service is incorporated in addition to your regular cleaning service.

There are several benefits to employing a day porter. Because they work during normal business hours, energy costs for your office are cut down because resources are not being used at all times of day or night. Your janitorial team can be in the office for less time at night, which helps with sleeping and eating habits, as well as overall happiness. Illness may be cut down due to the frequency of touch-point cleaning throughout the day. Any issues are attended to quickly, such as burnt light bulbs and kitchen spills. By using a day porter, you can spend more time focused on issues regarding your actual business instead of your office’s appearance.

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