snow removal and plowing in blaine mn

Snow Removal and Plowing in Blaine, MN

Well, guys, it happened.

SNOW. snow removal and plowing in blaine mn

Our (long) Fall has come to an end. The leaves have fallen, the temperatures have dropped and the snow has come (even though it didn’t stay). Winter is officially here to stay. Don’t spend all Winter “breaking your back” shoveling your snow or trying to get your little snow blower up your driveway. Call Crestview Property Maintenance  and we’ll do all the hard work at a GREAT price!

What Goes Into Being a Great Snow Removal and Plowing Company?

  1. Excellent Communication.
    • One of the top priorities we have here at Crestview Property Maintenance  is the communication between us and our customers. Whether it be a phone call or an email it is key for ANY business to keep their customers informed and updated. Most contractors say that the worst mistake snow removal companies make isn’t forgetting to plow a property, but forgetting to CONTACT the property’s owner when you have realized your mistake.
    • Customers love when they are informed of ANYTHING relating to their business.
    •  Simple email alerts could include any of the following:
      • Time of arrival
      • Time you left the property
      • Amount of snow that was present
      • If you used any other products (de-icer, salt, etc.) mention the amount that was used
  2. Efficiency
    • The machines and products a snow removal and plowing company uses can make or break it. When it snows, there are many snow removal and plowing in blaine mnclients that rely on you to clear the parking lots before their doors open. Efficiency benefits both the customer and the company. The customer gets what they paid for in less time and, at times if the job takes less time it can mean more profit for the business.
      • Snow plows help move the snow in larger areas quicker than just a simple shovel
      • Dump trucks are also used at times when huge snow piles are covering too many parking spaces
      • Snow Shovels, even though they are bit “old-fashion” they can sometimes be the best tool for the job
  3. Being Precise
    • A huge part of the snow removal and plowing industry is the attention to detail you need to have. It’s whats going to satisfy the customers. Everything needs to be thought out before you start plowing:
      • Where is the most logical spot to push the snow?
      • How can we minimize disruption / keep driving lanes clear?
      • How can we ensure that we don’t damage property?
      • What are some ways we can prevent the buildup of ice?