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The Neighborhood Car Show is Back!

Well, it’s not actually called “The Neighborhood Car Show”, but it is called “The Anoka Classic Car Show Grand Finale”. To me, this is basically going to be a neighborhood car show since the show is returning to Downtown Anoka! In the past, the finale has been held at the State Fair. Now I don’t have to drive the 20, instead, it will more like a 5-mile drive. Plus I always hated having to deal with the State Fair crowds; I would much rather deal with the Car Show crowds.

There is just so much to do at the Anoka Classic Car Show and even more so now that I know it’s in Anoka. The show has always had great food and music. The city of Anoka and it’s amazing restaurants are sure going to be able to provide even more food options to the Grand Finale this year! While I’m down in Anoka, I think I may even pay a visit to my two favorite web designers; Crestview .anoka classic car show They are the ones that told me that the show was being held in Anoka this year!

And let’s not forget about the main reason for a car show; THE CARS. I’m talking about the Mustangs, the Chevrolet’s, the Lamborghini’s and my favorite, the Lincoln’s. I love walking around with my buddies and admiring the beautiful cars. Knowing that some people have given so much time and energy to these classics just amazes me.

I know that I will be there on Saturday, September 17th; will you?

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