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Graffiti Removal – The Right Way

Graffiti removal can be a challenge if you are a company other than Crestview Property maintenance . Our staff have some of the best knowledge when dealing with graffiti removal. Many of our clients recently wanted to know some tips for removing graffiti from different surfaces. Every surface is different so we are going to give you a general idea with the help from our friends at Clean Link.

Before Starting:

  • Always make sure that it is YOUR responsibility to get the job cleaned up! Sometimes it is the responsibility of the state or even the facility’s maintenance department.
  • Determine whether the graffiti is on the inside or the outside because there is a difference between the two.

Indoor Graffiti Removal:

Common causes of indoor graffiti include; ballpoint, felt-tip pens, pencils, knife blades and sometimes even white correction fluid is used

Some suggestions for products to clean different types of surfaces include:

  • Ordinary cleaners and disinfectants will remove much pencil and some pen graffiti
  • Citrus-based cleaners often will work on inks on wood surfaces
  • Some foam and some paste cleaners, which remain in place until wiped off, work well on vertical surface

Outdoor Graffiti Removal:

Common causes of outdoor graffiti include; spray paint,medium, chalk and etching 

Some suggestions for products to clean different types of surfaces include:

  • For exterior glass surfaces, try a graffiti-removing gel (something that will not scratch glass)
  • Baking-soda-based products can help restore large areas of masonry, brick,
    graffiti removal

    Power washing is a great technnique for graffiti removal.

    concrete and other surfaces

  • When removing spray paint, regardless of method, work from the outside to the center, rather than across the stain (so that it doesn’t spread to clean
  • areas)


For both indoor and outdoor vandalized areas painting should be used as a last resort. Read about why Here.

If this seems like too much to handle give Crestview property maintenance a call at 612-207-0274 or visit our Graffiti Removal page today!

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2 replies
  1. Gerty Gift
    Gerty Gift says:

    I appreciate your suggestion to use graffiti-removing gel for glass surfaces. My friend really needs to get some graffiti removed from the outside of a building that she owns. I think that it might be best for her to hire someone to fix it, but I think that we’ll fall back on this if it comes to that.

  2. Garry Ford
    Garry Ford says:

    Thank you for useful info. We’ve removed graffiti from our house and wall itself got damaged… We choose wrong remover and now we have to paint it again. Always read before you remove your graffiti.


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