Use Your Property Maintenance Services Company As Your Eyes And Ears

Use Your Property Maintenance Services Company As Your Eyes And Ears

Ensuring that your property is well-maintained and running efficiently is no easy balancing act. Tracking both interior and exterior upkeep requires constant planning and organization, never mind preparing for emergency maintenance.

These are just a few of your daily responsibilities, but as you know, they can quickly take up most of your time. Investing in a better reporting system for yourself and your team can allow you to balance your tasks and keep your property pristine.

Keeping On Top Of Small Details Is A Full-Time Job

Walking your property regularly and keeping up with scheduled building maintenance are the best ways to pay attention to the little details. By doing these, you will better notice neglected tasks in hidden corners or find situations before they turn into larger issues.

You can’t be everywhere all the time, however. Even with help from your assistant manager and an alert management team, potential problems can often go unnoticed. For example:

  • Small plumbing leaks in the restrooms
  • Carpet spots or stains in hidden areas
  • Water-stained ceiling tiles in empty suites
  • Broken sprinkler heads in the irrigation system
  • Small chips or cracks in a window

Minor problems like these can turn into major headaches if they are not handled quickly. Without a firm grasp on details like these, it’s easy to miss similar issues, leaving you calling the same repair service twice in one week. Small leaks and cracks also cost money by subtly increasing utility bills.

How Your Property Maintenance Services Can Be The Eyes And Ears Of Your Property

As you know, curb appeal is one of the first things people see when they visit a lease space on your property. Your landscaper and exterior service providers can help you spot problems before they start.

Observant people working for your property maintenance company can be extra eyes and eyes for you. While carrying out their duties, they will see potential problems; giving you the ability to handle them before they turn into larger, more costly situations.

For instance, your window cleaning service is in the perfect position to notice small window cracks or other issues on the exterior of your building. This is especially true for a high rise building, where you are not likely to have the opportunity to have a close exterior view of the upper floors’ windows.

How Day Porters And Cleaning Services Can Keep You Informed On Interior Issues

An overflowing coffee pot, a broken pen, or a spilled soft drink can ruin a carpet, especially if a tenant tries to clean it up with the wrong product or even worse—bleach.

Day porters can be your first line of defense against these kinds of potential interior problems. As they are filling restroom supplies, they are in a position to notice minor plumbing problems. While emptying trash cans, they might observe carpet stains under a desk. Minor problems like these are can be repaired quickly, thus saving time and money.

Of course, you don’t want a constant flow of people running in your office to tell you about every little carpet spot. But you do need to be informed about these types of situations in a timely manner.

Do you have a system in place for the property maintenance company to or report these problems? Keep an open relationship between property management and your site services company representative. By establishing a report system for day porters, the cleaning crew, and other maintenance workers to inform property management about potential problems on your property, you can stay informed without being overwhelmed. And when you’re informed, you can save money by fixing minor problems before they become major, and planning your repairs to fix several small problems at once.

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