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There’s a popular saying that encourages us to expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

A homeowner or business owner will also tell you, more than likely, they wished they had prepared for whatever unexpected issue showed up uninvited. Much like ordering extra food for a party in case extra guests make an appearance, it’s better to be prepared than caught off guard. The good news is, companies like Crestview Property Maintenance we make the pesky task of preparation easier and stress free. We take on the responsibility of checking off items on the old to-do list while property owners focus on the day-to-day operations of their investment.


It is commonly attributed to life events like job interviews or vacation plans, however, the same advice can be applied to property maintenance. Ask any homeowner or business owner what they’ve learned in the process of becoming the owner of a particular property. Somewhere in their answer will be the epiphany to accept the unexpected will eventually find you. Whether it’s damage from a storms, or age catching up to the structures, ultimately something happens that requires action.

How to Be Proactive Instead of Reactive


Leaning on professionals with experience in prepping and maintaining walkways, parking lots, and garages is the best way to ensure issues are recognized before they have the opportunity to progress. The quickest way to solve a problem is to address it before it’s given the chance to develop. Prevention is, and always will be, less expensive than intervention. Taking advantage of the services we offer could be the difference in reacting to a potential issue down the road, or being proactive in making sure it doesn’t occur at all.


Many will assume property owners could handle proactive tasks all on their own, but the reality is property maintenance is essentially a full-time job on its own. It’s nearly impossible for a property owner to focus on preventative measures while handling urgent issues and day-to-day responsibilities–which is why it’s best to trust us instead. At Crestview Property Maintenance, we’ll take the weight of assessing and preventing issues off your shoulders so you can focus on the true tasks required of being a property owner.


Prevention Task List


Inspecting the property is crucial to get a clear understanding of the grounds, including the building, windows, parking lot, walkways, garages, and more. Doing so will allow us to see and assess the current state of each location to determine differences and shifts going forward. When inspecting the grounds, it’s important to look at the landscaping, including all fences and lighting. Making a note of the type of each and when to restructure or replace the materials associated with them. The same is true when inspecting the parking lot. We’ll consider the current state of line striping, parking breaks, and surrounding sidewalks; repainting and pressure washing as needed. Being proactive in these areas ensures safety for the property owner, employees, and customers, as well as presents a pleasing aesthetic. It’s a win/win for everyone.


This prevention task list of sorts should also cover the building exterior and interior. For the outside of the property, it’s important to notice the condition of walkways, entries, roofing, and foundation. Regular inspections ensure shifts or cracks are noticed almost immediately and can be addressed before they worsen or spread into surrounding areas. While inspecting, we take the time to clean skylights, windows, gutters, and drains to prevent blockages and unsightly views. For the inside of the property, inspections include plumbing and electrical panels. Fire alarms and smoke detectors are tested and cleaned, if necessary, to make sure they’re ready and functioning properly in the unfortunate event they’re assistance is required.


A simple prevention task list encompassing all the needs of property maintenance is the best way to catch small issues before they become big problems. Customizing a plan for your particular property is easy and effective and will help achieve all of your goals in taking care of preventing the unexpected. There’s no denying a clean space is a productive space, so why not allow Crestview Property Maintenance to handle the cleaning and inspections for you. Doing so allows you time to focus on the rest.


Trust Crestview Property Maintenance with Your Property Maintenance Needs


Establishing a routine that involves regular inspections for every potential scenario surrounding the maintenance of a property relieves the stress of ownership. Sure, issues will still arise, but it’s much better to be prepared for them. Choosing to be proactive instead of reactive can save you stress and money; both items any property owner wishes there were more of. Crestview Property Maintenance can help. Reach out to us today for all of your property maintenance concerns. You can expect the best while we prepare for, and ultimately prevent, the worst.