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If you own or manage a retail store, then you may take great strides to keep the interior of your store clean and organized to keep customers satisfied. However, if you don’t put much effort into keeping your exterior storefront clean, then you likely do not understand that a clean storefront is just as important as a clean store interior.

Read on to learn just how important storefront cleanliness is and learn three storefront cleaning tips.


There are two main reasons you should keep your storefront clean: customer satisfaction and premise liability law.

Customer Satisfaction

No matter how many regular customers you currently have, you are likely always looking forward to gaining new customers to increase store revenue. You may not realize that the key to attracting those new customers could be as simple as cleaning your storefront up.

Ninety-five percent of shoppers take a storefront’s appearance into consideration when deciding whether to even enter the store or not. In addition, over half of all retail shoppers surveyed stated that they have chosen not to enter a store simply because the storefront was not clean.

Premise Liability Law

In addition, all business owners are required to keep their properties free from hazards that could lead to the public injuring themselves on the property. Slip-and-fall accidents are extremely common, and about one million Americans experience slip-and-fall injuries each year. Many of these falls occur in store parking lots.

While you may take care to fix parking lot potholes and cracks that could lead to slip-and-falls your business could be held liable for, you may not realize that your business could also be held liable for slipand-fall accidents that occur due to a customer slipping on a liquid such as oil in your parking lot or tripping over debris on your lot.


Keeping your storefront clean doesn’t have to be difficult. Try implementing the following tips

1. Sweep and Inspect the Parking Lot at Least Every Morning

Be sure to clear your parking lot of debris every morning before your store opens to remove items your customers could trip on during the course of your business day. While clearing debris, also inspect the lot for spilled liquids, such as oil that may have leaked from cars, and clean up these spills promptly to prevent slip-and-fall accidents.

Also, have employees check the lot often throughout the day for new debris and fall hazards, and have them clean it up promptly.

2. Have Graffiti Removed Promptly

Graffiti is a large problem in California today. In fact, in one recent year alone, over 32 million square feet of graffiti had to be cleaned up in the city of Los Angeles alone. If you frequently or occasionally arrive at your store to see that your storefront has been vandalized with graffiti, then it is very important to have it cleaned up by professionals promptly.

Graffiti removal professionals have an array of graffiti removal products and techniques they can use to restore the exterior surface of your building back to its original condition without damaging it.

The longer the graffiti remains on your storefront, the more shoppers the graffiti will likely deter.

3. Have Your Parking Lot Professionally Cleaned Annually

No matter how often you sweep your parking lot and clean up spills, it can be tough to remove embedded dirt, tire marks, and stains that accumulate on its surface. This makes it important to have your parking lot cleaned by a cleaning company at least once a year. After professional parking lot cleaning, you may be surprised when many of the parking lot stains you thought were permanent are able to be removed easily with the right professional cleaning products.

If you are a retail business owner or manager, then realize that the cleanliness of your storefront is just as important as the cleanliness of the interior of your store. Contact Crestview Property Maintenance  for all of your retail store exterior cleaning needs.

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