Here Is What To Expect From Good Landscape Maintenance Services

Designing and installing beautiful, functional landscapes for all your properties is only the start of producing and maintaining aesthetically pleasing grounds. Regular upkeep with good landscape maintenance services is just as important as the initial installation and must be done properly and regularly in order for plants and trees to survive and flourish.

As property managers, it is one of your duties to ensure that proper maintenance in Milpitas is ongoing, and it is a good idea to contract this job out to an experienced landscaping and maintenance company.

Regardless of the number of commercial and residential properties you manage, you undoubtedly want to keep them aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. This will not only keep your clients happy and enable you to attract more tenants, but it will make life easier for you, too. 

You Need A Reliable, Experienced, Maintenance Service

There are a variety of landscaping services that will help you keep your properties looking their very best. From turf renovations to flowerbed care, you can achieve all your landscaping goals with a good maintenance company. From the hot summer months with record-breaking temperatures through to all the other seasons of the year, it is imperative that lawns, trees, and gardens be well maintained.

Here are some ideas about the services you should be asking your landscaping company to provide and why:

Irrigation Installation and Maintenance

  • Irrigation systems can use 50% or more of the water provided by many utility companies and a poorly maintained irrigation system may mean that much of the water never reaches its intended source.
  • Properly maintaining irrigation systems will reduce wasted water and pollution as well as improve plant and lawn health, and irrigation systems should be checked twice per season.

Trimming and Pruning

  • Tree pruning is the removal or reduction of unnecessary parts of the tree, and routinely and properly trimming trees will keep them healthy and allow them to grow naturally.


  • It is important to have lawns fertilized every fall in order to produce healthy, green grass.

Pest control

  • The last problem your tenants and owners want are household pests, such as bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, or termites.
  • Effective pest management is a process, not a one-time event, and it is important to monitor the infested area year-round.
  • Encourage tenants and owners to communicate problems so that pest infestations can be addressed effectively.

Weed Control and Removal

  • Weeds are pesky and if not properly controlled can take over your garden and lawn and cause major problems by choking out plantings.
  • Weed management techniques include pulling, mowing, tillage, fire, soil solarization (an environmentally friendly method of controlling fungi, bacteria, etc.), and flooding.

good landscaping maintenance service will help you meet the landscaping needs of all your properties year-round. You can certainly set something beautiful into motion with attractive landscape designs and installation, but to get the most out of your landscaped property, regular maintenance is required.

Get A Head Start On Landscaping Maintenance In Spring

Landscaping maintenance, like other kinds of work that is dictated by changing seasons and various environments, is best started early in the year. As March unfolds, you should be well into it.

Remember These Pointers For Yearly Landscape Maintenance

• April and May are too late in the year for the kind of preparation necessary for the well-groomed landscape you want, especially in areas in the Northern part of the country, such as Minnesota, Wisconsin. By mid-April, new plants are already beginning to grow in at lower altitudes. Before too long, opportunities to clear out deadwood, trash, and underbrush from last season will be hampered.

• Remember, if there is rubbish, boards, pieces of plywood or other refuse laying around, removing them early in the season allows the grass or other plants covered by them to grow in naturally. Waiting too long can stunt the new growth of those plants and leave them as an unpleasant, shadowy reminder of the mess that was there, which will be a blemish on the property.

• You may have a pet project in mind that will take some construction and will disturb the area. Getting it done early will allow time for new growth and newly planted shrubbery to mature and have a nice, well-established appearance before the heat of summer hits and growth is inhibited by restricted access to water.

• If you are in an area where water is rationed, new plants and new growth is dependent on moisture from spring rains and wet conditions, which isn’t available later in the year.

• Some blooming shrubs should be pruned early in the spring as new blooms sprout on the new wood.

• Likewise, many evergreens do better if they are pruned before dormancy has ended. This allows the clipped ends to harden and new growth to sprout. Also in the spring, after new growth has formed, you have an opportunity to trim evergreen hedges. It is at this time that growth can be guided and shaped by judicious trimming.

• Early spring is the best time to start cool-season grasses if they were not planted the previous fall or – in moderate areas – during the winter.

• Wait no longer than late spring to plant warm-season grasses. For either cool or warm varieties, you must avoid the hot, dry part of summer.

• Allowing enough time to have trimmed the lawn several times before a draught helps train the grass to grow at a preferred height while also providing a natural mulch cover to hold in moisture for those really dry, hot summer days.

• For flowers, perennials should be planted in late spring. Some flowering plants will resist a late freeze, and you must ask your landscaping professional for advice about which will do best early and which late. Overall, spring is flower-planting season for most popular varieties.

If you have a regular landscaping maintenance service, much of this planning can be left up to the professionals; however, you may want some input into the plan and this should take place before the spring season is underway.As well, any new construction or major changes can be done under optimum conditions if spring maintenance chores are begun early.

 Tips On Hiring A Day Porter Company – Make The Best Choice

When it comes to the regular cleaning and maintenance of your business facility or building, hiring the right day porter service provider is critically important. You need to make sure that the company is definitely qualified, trustworthy, and responsive.

Below are 5 tips on how you can acquire the best possible service along with the important aspects you need to consider when dealing with your day porter service provider.

1.  Acquire Price Quotes From Different Contractors

Hiring the cheapest contractor is not always advisable. You have to be very sure in comparing the quality of the products they will use to do the job as well as the proposed coverage of work. Is the equipment, labor, and materials included in the price quotes?

If there are special requests that are already outside the scope of work, will they ask for more money? Like all business transactions, you need to be extra careful with too-good-to-be-true offers. Read the fine print.

2. Ask About Their Length Of Service

Some cleaning contractors come and go. They typically change their company name to hide their previous reputation, but the business is essentially managed by the same people. Make sure that the cleaning contractor that you select has managed to establish a solid reputation duly established through the quality of service they offer in your community.

3. Are They Bonded, Insured, And Licensed?

Make sure to take the necessary steps to have yourself and your property protected. Ensure that the cleaning contractor you’re hiring is appropriately licensed for the job that the company will be performing.

It is also important that the day porter company is bonded. It is further assurance that you won’t suffer any inadvertent losses in relation to the services they render. In addition, be sure not to hire any day porter contractor who can’t show you proof that the company is insured.

4. Ask If The Work Is 100% Guaranteed

You can expected that all day porter service contractors will tell you that their work is guaranteed to give satisfaction. But what exactly do they mean? Is there a money-back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with their service? Will they return to your business property and get the job done right? It would be best to get the price and the scope of work in writing before hiring a contractor in order for you to compare what has been promised to you and what you receive.

5. Ask For A List Of References

A cleaning contractor will always have a solid, loyal client base. You can ask for references from clients who have the same business or project as yours. And once you obtain the references, do your homework by taking the time to contact these companies and inquire about the quality of day porter service they are receiving.

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6 Property Upkeeping Tips For Property Managers


1.    Choose Your Tenants Wisely

Honestly, we can’t stress this one enough. We understand you’ll be tempted to fill any vacancies as quickly as possible to keep the revenue flowing, but it’s also critical that you have a process in place for weeding out the bad tenants and selecting the good ones – the ones who stick around for longer, pay on time, don’t damage the property, and keep it well-maintained for you. Check out our past blog post on tips for how to spot a bad tenant for more advice.

2.    Find An Emergency Plumber

Having a go-to plumber on your side is a must when it comes to effective property management. This eliminates any guesswork when you’re face to face with a broken sewer line or other plumbing issue at one of your properties.  Build up a good rapport with them, and make sure they’ll be available for your repairs anytime you call.

3.    Keep Your Parking Lot Clean

If you manage business or apartment complexes, you’re also going to have to deal with parking lot management. A well maintained parking lot can last you for years and years without issue – but the moment you slack on regular upkeep, you’ll start to feel the effects. Cracked asphalt, parking lot puddles, and potholes are some of the issues you can avoid with regular parking lot sweeping and maintenance.

4.    Don’t Procrastinate

Okay this seems obvious – it’s something you’ve been told over and over again since grade school. But seriously, don’t procrastinate. Don’t let that leaky faucet wait until next week, don’t wait until next month to look for a plumber or see about fixing that nasty pothole or roof leak. Address problems as they occur and avoid a mountain of chaos in the future.

5.    Keep Trees Trimmed And Healthy

Keeping your trees healthy comes along with the property management job description. Not only do they provide a nice aesthetic for your tenants, but healthy, well cared for trees also pose fewer risks to your property than neglected ones. Trees can pose a lot of problems for your property – tree limbs can fall and damage a roof after a storm, can mess with power lines, or can block entrances and exits to your parking lot. Tree roots can damage asphalt surfaces and walkways and pose tripping hazards. It’s important that you hire a certified arborist to maintain your trees and advise you on when a tree should be removed or replaced.

6.    Engage With Your Clients

This one is last, but definitely not least. Client engagement is key to maintaining good relationships with your tenants. Some landlords or property managers are very hands off – and that can be a plus for some tenants. However, we can guarantee you that just about every tenant will want you to be hands on when they’re experiencing an issue or have a complaint. Make your tenants aware that you’re easy to reach, and give them plenty of ways to contact you – online, via phone, email, or in person. Also consider issuing a survey to your tenants on a yearly basis asking them to evaluate their experiences with you.

Do You Have Any Property Upkeeping Tips?

We’ve given you our top 6 property up keeping tips for landlords and property managers – but we want to hear from you, as well. Share your tips and tricks of the trade in the comments below!  Crestview Property Maintenance  is the leading provider of lot sweeping services for any size parking lot or property.


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7 Benefits Of High-Quality Property Maintenance Services

If you’re a property owner or manager, there’s a good chance you’re swamped with a multitude of tasks each day. Between tending to your tenants’ needs and overseeing the operations of your facility, the last thing you want to worry about is fixing the dented sign out front or repairing the split asphalt at the back of the parking lot.

That’s where an experienced property maintenance team comes in handy. Property maintenance refers to the regular upkeep required to preserve or improve the condition of a particular property, whether it’s a commercial building, industrial facility, office space, or strip mall. A property maintenance crew is there to help protect your real estate, primarily by replacing equipment and materials, repairing damage, hauling trash, and cleaning.

Pressure washing commercial property and day porter service in Roseville, CA.In addition to giving your space more aesthetic appeal, property maintenance services can help increase the longevity of your property and cut down on future renovation expenses.

The best part?

With a team of professionals by your side, you’ll spend less time stressing about the condition of your property and more time taking care of business.

Read on for seven more benefits of high-quality property maintenance services.

  1. Moving Is Easy And Efficient

A stellar property maintenance team takes the stress out of moving. Whether you’re vacating a space or preparing to move in, they can help clear the area, haul heavy items like machinery and furniture, toss trash, fix minor damages, and scrub the place free of grit and dirt.

  1. Your Property Remains Clean

One of the best services a property maintenance crew offers is pressure washing, where a high-powered hose sprays dirt, debris, mold, and loose paint from concrete surfaces and buildings. It works for grimy windows, dirty walkways and sidewalks, store awnings caked with tree sap — you name it.

Pressure washing is a quick, efficient way to restore the cleanliness of a building or space. Plus, by eliminating mold and mildew, regular pressure washing lessens the chance that your property will fall victim to rotting and structural damage. That’s a major win.

  1. You Don’t Have To Worry About Graffiti

Removing graffiti in Milpitas, CAGraffiti isn’t just unsightly, it also has the potential to permanently damage your property. Plus, the long-term social and environmental effects of frequent graffiti are significant: repeated tagging can reinforce theft and lead to increased littering and loitering on your property.

That’s why it’s crucial to hire a property maintenance crew trained to eradicate the problem.  The team from Crestview Property Maintenacne uses environmentally-friendly graffiti abatement techniques to help restore your property. They can also conduct a surface analysis of your building and apply an anti-graffiti coating to help prevent paint, stickers, and markers from bonding to it in the future.

  1. The Details Are Taken Care Of For You

One of the major perks of contracting a property maintenance service provider is that you don’t have to fuss over small details, like replacing trash receptacles or sprucing up a building’s exterior with a fresh coat of paint.

A good property maintenance crew works to ensure that your property is clean, functional, and aesthetically appealing at all times. That might entail parking lot striping (to create more parking spaces or touch up faded, uneven lines), removing wall and floor stains, or replacing broken or beat-up trash bins.

  1. You’ll Get Swift Help In The Event Of A Storm

Bad weather can wreak havoc on your property, but a savvy property maintenance crew can lend a hand after a storm. They’ll clean storm drains, gutters, and rooftops, clear and dispose of built-up debris around the property, and help fix any damage that’s been done to the building, sidewalks, or parking lot.

  1. Your Property Stays Clutter-Free

Many properties, especially commercial and industrial facilities, suffer from illegal dumping, which is when people discard old supplies, trash, furniture, or equipment by dropping them off at a property instead of recycling or otherwise disposing of them in a safe manner.

Luckily, a property maintenance service provider can help you overhaul the massive piles of junk cluttering your parking lot or blocking your building’s back entrance. The professionals at Crestview Property Maintenance  have seen it all — they’re well-equipped to haul everything from tires and refrigerators to mattresses and old computers.

  1. Repairs Aren’t A Problem

As time, weather, and perpetual use take their toll on your property, you’ll want to have a strategy in place for fixing aesthetic and internal damage. A first-rate property maintenance service provider has the tools and technical knowledge to repair everything from cracked asphalt and concrete to broken signs.

If you need help with the upkeep and protection of your property, call Crestview Property Maintenance to schedule a consultation or learn more about our comprehensive property maintenance services. Our skilled team of professionals can take care of pressure washing, parking lot striping, ballard repairs, graffiti abatement, hauling, parking lot sweeping, and whatever else you need — no stress or hassle necessary.


Take a gander up at your ceiling tiles- how do they look? See any of them sagging, discolored, broken, or water-marked? We know that all too well. Don’t feel ashamed- this is very common in facilities with ventilation above the drop ceiling, and with everything you have going on, we understand that it hasn’t been your top priority.

We know that Ceiling Tile imperfections are frequently caused by air conditioner condensation or leaks in the pipes or roof. Unfortunately, if you don’t catch this early, mold can form and become a health hazard to everyone in the office. Lucky for you, replacing these damaged tiles doesn’t take long and can make a big difference in the look and overall feel of your office.

At Crestview Property Maintenance, we believe everything about your business- including your ceiling tiles, should look professional, clean, and ready for a great first impression. We know sometimes you just need a hand in completing these one-off tasks, and having a handyman on call is an invaluable time saver for your business. Don’t waste your time screening multiple service providers. Call Crestview Property Maintenance today to get more information about our various Handyman Services and make sure your ceiling tiles look brand new.


The Best Way to Fertilize Your Trees!

How to Fertilize your Trees the best way!

fertilized trees are happy trees!


The best way to Fertilize your tree is very important! Just like you and I need to eat, trees are live, breathing organisms as well, and ALSO need to eat. Once a year at least in fact.

In clay soils, trees should generally only be fertilized every year, and in sandy soils, they will usually need fertilizing twice a year!

That’s it. You need to eat once a day, and your trees only need to eat once or twice a year. My hope is to teach you exactly how to fertilize, using a method that is easily available to you.

My assumption is that you don’t have the $8K-$18K for the equipment that the professionals use, so I’m simplifying and giving you the best way to fertilize your trees without using the expensive equipment that the pros use. It’s called Vertical mulching, and it’s one of the best ways to fertilize your trees!


How to do it:
1.        Drill holes in the soil that are 1”-3” wide, and 6”-8” deep. Stagger the holes in a brick-laying pattern all throughout the soil underneath where the tree’s canopy is. We consider this area to be within the “dripline,” or area underneath the treed
2.       Backfill 2” of each hole with an organic, slow release fertilizer.
3.       Backfill the remainder of the hole with organic compost.
4.       Sit back, and enjoy your beautiful trees grow and thrive!

What you’ll need –
1.       high powered battery drill, or low powered, corded drill
2.       a 1”-3” “earth auger” bit that fits your drill …  You can find it on amazon
3.       fertilizer – slow release, organic kind … if possible 😀
4.       compost!

That’s it. The reason we dig deep and bypass the grass when fertilizing trees, vs. just doing a granular spread, is because chances are, you have other grasses and plants that will steal almost all of the nutrients that you put down.

It’s important to go down deep when fertilizing tree roots, and this is the best method that I’ve found to do so without spending the big bucks to have it done professionally!

Thanks much and look forward to helping you with your “Green Pets” (trees!)

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Here’s Your Spring Maintenance Checklist

by  Jayson Dahl 


Now that spring has sprung, let’s clear the cobwebs and get your home ready! Here is our quick guide to spring home maintenance:


Inspection top to bottom: Now that the weather is temperate you will want to check on how your home weathered the winter. Check the roof for leaks, the gutters for damage, and the siding for cracks. You will also want to inspect your basement or foundation for any shifts. Make repairs now to prevent further damage.


Clean out the gutters: April showers bring May flowers… so clear out the gutters to keep rain from pooling on your roof or near your foundation.


Pest control: Spring is mating season for eight legged critters, so sweep out cobwebs, clear debris, and check the nooks and crannies. If you live in an area prone to dangerous species like brown recluse or black widows, you may want to contact your local pest control, but otherwise household spiders do help eliminate other bugs.

HVAC system: If you have an air conditioner now is the time to check to make sure it is ready before summer gets here and everyone else is clamoring for maintenance. Now is a good time to check your home air filters and replace or upgrade to keep allergens at bay.


Clear the clutter: Do a sweep around the house and get rid of junk that you don’t use! Take a little time each week to tackle a room. Closets, playrooms, and basements can be especially daunting, but getting rid of old stuff and refreshing your space will go a long way!


Deep clean: On a nice day open the windows, dust, wipe, scrub, and clean. You will get a nice work out and your home will look and feel so fresh after a winter of being cooped up.


Update your décor: Add a splash of color to your home with small embellishments. Add a colorful vase, a lighter throw for your sofa, pretty pastel pillows, or spring-time candles, to upgrade your living space.


Take it outdoors: Let your throw rugs, curtains, and other tapestries air our outside. Shake off the dust, spot clean what you can and let everything bask in the sun for an afternoon.


Don’t forget the back yard: It may not be time to start up the grill, yet, but you can get started on your outdoor entertaining checklist. Check your lawn, and if you have some spare spots start filling in with seed. Check your outdoor plants, prune, plant bulbs, start to replenish soil for your garden, and mow, so you are ready to start when the season allows.

Speaking of the grill – if you have a gas grill you will want to pull this out and perform a maintenance check. Clean everything up and check to make sure all the gas lines are clear, as these can get clogged after sitting idle all winter. Make sure the grill is clear of spiders too, as they can build webs in the tubes, causing damage to your grill. You can start to bring out your garden furniture too, or clean it up if you left it covered outside all winter. Because before you know it, it’ll be barbeque season!

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Property Maintenance


By Jayson
 In Window Washing

What’s happens if you avoid window cleaning?

Instead of water running off a smooth clean surface the moisture absorbed by the Bio-Film*, (layer of “dirt”), is held against the surface and allowing the glass to be damaged by;

  • Hard Water Spotting – Minerals, (mainly Magnesium and Calcium), in tap water remain after the water evaporates leaving the familiar spotting.

Screen Oxidation – Also called screen burn; forms on the glass when the powder from the rusting aluminum screen is blown back against the glass and over time bonds to it. You can often tell if this will be present on the windows if the metal screens are splotchy with patches of grey powdery residue. Aluminum isn’t a ferrous metal turns orange when rusting.

Removal of these stains from glass can be considered restoration and is separate from the normal cleaning process if severe. Yearly cleaning will prevent this staining and prolong your enjoyment of your windows.




Give Crestview Property Maintenance a Call Today! We are the leading window washing company in serving Minneapolis, ST. Paul and the surrounding areas.

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Getting Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Getting your lawn ready for Spring,  is just around the corner, now is the time to start planning your lawn care for the upcoming season.

The heavy snowfalls we’ve experienced this winter have left a lot of piled up snow on the lawns. Snow mould can occur. An indication of snow mould is a web like substance on the surface of the lawn once the snow has melted. A light hand raking in these areas is recommended to reduce the risk of the lawn dying out in these areas. As the snow melts it’s important to make sure a layer of ice is not accumulating in areas as this can cause the lawn to die underneath.

It is important in the spring to remove the excess dead grass from the lawn. We recommend Power Raking which is able to remove more of the dead grass than hand raking. Aeration is also very beneficial in the spring and can be done at the same time as power raking. Aeration reduces soil compaction and helps control thatch in the lawn while helping water & fertilizer penetrate into the root zone.

Fertilizer applied in the spring will give your lawn a head start to a thicker, greener lawn.

Call Crestview property maintenance for all our services.


ready for summer lawns.

Summer lawns